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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

According to Linda Ikeji's lil sister Laura Ikeji,she went to see her bestie MC Galaxy yesterday and she just 'chipped in' how much she has spent working on her dream shop.Surprisingly he..
asked for her account number and later 'wired' N1m into her account.The excited Laura said....

'So yesterday, I went to see my bestie mcgalaxymcg and I mentioned how much I've spent working on my dream store, He then asked me to give him my acct number hehe @celinedimas and started hailing him with me jokingly telling him, "if you won dash me money, no dash me less than 200k o" And after a few minutes I got a 1M naira alert on my phone from my him. Yay. Thanks bestie mcgalaxymcg. 1M from someone who has never asked me out or had any romantic relationship whatsoever. I'm proud of my friend'.

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