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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Main Things Girls Do When They Are Not Necessarily Interested In a Boy

Main Things Girls Do When They Are Not Necessarily Interested In a Boy

1. She does not return your missed calls when she later sees them. Or in most cases she rather prefer flashing you than calling you in most cases.

She never agree that she has recharge card to call, she prefers you to always do the calling at all times, even when you tell her 'bout it, she will immediately tell you to send her recharge card that she will use to call you.

3. When you call her to come around to see you, she will come with her friends to make sure that private times between two of you are restricted.

4. If you did not contact her for a long time she won't even care to call you to know what's wrong. She will prefer going on with her life and leaving you behind.

5. She won't reply your text messages. Even when you tell her 'bout it she will give silly excuses. Going to the extent of telling you that she don't like typing long messages.

6. She won't kiss you when there is an opportunity to kiss. For instance, you move in for a kiss and she turns her head so you end up kissing her cheek or somewhere else's.

7. She never keep or fulfil her promises. For instance she promise to call you, she will end up not calling you and she will give silly excuses each time it occurs.

8. She will always say that you are like a brother to her. She never take the relationship serious, she can walk out of you any time she feels like and you will end up begging her not to leave you.

9. She always tell you to give her money or send her recharge cards and when you fail to do such she dumps you and claims that you don't care for her. Someone that really love you won't for anything demand money from you rather they will be the one to give you willingly.

10. She talks to you about other guys. She asks for advice about someone that she loves. When she is having problems with them, she comes to you for advice on how to be in good terms with that special person again.

11. She never refer you to as her lover, she always call you a normal male friend and rubbishes your love advances at any point in time, she will even go to the extent of slapping you when you forcefully kiss her and swear never to stay with you again.

12. Whenever you are sitting with her, she always sit very far from you and makes sure nothing funny happens.

13. She will always keep secret and never share anything with you, you can never be part of her plans and she can even travel out without informing you.

14. She lies a lot. She will never be sincere to you for once. She stares at other guys and tell it to your face 'bout guys that she is interested in and wants them to make the first move.

15. She tells you she is bored even when she is with you. There is no how someone that loves you can be bored in your company even if she is sad upon seeing you, she is suppose to be happy instantly.

Upon seeing all these signs, you are welcomed to breakup with her immediately and move to the next available person. And note it is not a must that everyone must love you, or you loving everyone. Let love lead and never lead love.

Don't even conclude that no-one loves you, be patient true love will soon come.

Also never try to force yourself on someone who you never love for once or someone that never love you.

Be sincere and be happy at all times.

Good luck!

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