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Monday, 20 July 2015

How to put up with a workaholic partner

We don’t want anything that put a stain in our relationship, and copping with a workaholic partner is hard work
If you have a workaholic partner how do you deal with him/her? We don’t want anything that put a stain in our relationship, and copping with a workaholic partner is hard work. In this situation the other woman/man is your partner’s work. If you are not addicted to your work, yet in a relationship with such a person here is what you can do to sail smoothly

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Structure your life
compartmentalize your life and enjoy the results! Have some structure and discipline. It might sound harsh but if this is the only way to have some sort of balance in your life, then this is quite a good option. Let the two of you know what days of the week belong only to your personal life. Spending some time together is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.
Be patient
Let him analyse and decide what to do next. If he/she is successful in his/her occupation, then let them move on. Restricting him/her or demanding will only ruin your relationship. Support them and be his/her muse and inspiration. He will only be thankful to you for your patience. He/she needs you in their life.
Open up and talk
be sincere and frank. Tell him/her what exactly you would like to change. Discuss with the situation and ask for advice and his/her opinion. Let him/her know how and what you feel. He/she cannot read your mind. It is very possible he/she is unaware of your worries.
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Be more understanding
Men are providers. This is programmed in their genes. A mature man would hate being dependent on anyone. This is a natural course of life. If your partner is exactly the type, consider yourself to be lucky. The good news is that he will always be trying to do all possible to get ahead of life and give you all you need. Understand his eagerness to satisfy needs of both of you.
Are you ready to put up with his/her passion for work? How much do you suffer because of this? If you can bear the situation, then stop nagging and accept him/her
 If he/she treats you in a good way and you feel loved, then this is all you need. His/her career plays an important role, he/she feels complete? Then accept it and let them work.
Defining balance
Workaholics are people who are obsessed with their career. It is close to impossible for them to feel the balance between work and other spheres of life. They need someone to explain to them what balance is and teach them to live a more complete life full of colours. Life includes private interests as well.

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