4NAIJA: Gunman stalks Rihanna , threatens to shoot her outside her house

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Gunman stalks Rihanna , threatens to shoot her outside her house

Rihanna looks downcast as she heads to the gym as police search for stalker who posted threatening gun tweets and a selfie outside singer's house
The R&B star, 27, was seen heading for the gym in the SoHo neighborhood of New York on Monday and appeared subdued, dressed down in workout gear and wearing a large pair of sunglasses. see the guy stalking him

It follows the news that law enforcement continues to search for the man who posted the threatening tweets, including ONE of a gun and bullets ,
The alleged stalker posted a selfie outside the singer's home on April 30 but by the time police arrived he was gone.
He also sent several menacing messages to and about Rihanna.
TMZ reported Sunday the user account from which the tweets were sent is listed under the names of Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander and police are now tracking the suspect electronically.

It's another worry for the star who has had to deal with stalker issues in the past.
Last month a man was reportedly arrested after he was escorted by three police officers and the singer’s bodyguard following an attempt to gain entry to her New York City apartment building. 
And in July 2014, a 53-year-old homeless man was arrested for hand-delivering eerie messages to her apartment in Soho, New York.
the stalker posted a selfie on twitter claiming to be in front of Rihanna's home 

                         The suspect appeared to also threaten Rihanna's ex boyfriend Chris Brown

Kevin McGlynn has since been held at a psychiatric hospital for treatment after a judge compared him to the man that shot John Lennon and described the situation as a tragedy waiting to happen.
Back in October 2013, a trespasser was arrested at Rihanna's home in Pacific Palisades. 
The incident came just a week after the same property was targeted by intruders while she was on the Australia leg of her Diamonds World Tour. 

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