4NAIJA: Chadian soldiers engage Boko Haram near Lake Chad

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Chadian soldiers engage Boko Haram near Lake Chad

There was heavy fighting between the Chadian army and Boko Haram on Saturday, security sources say.

According to a Chadian security official, the clashes between militants and Chadian forces erupted Saturday on Midi Koutou island, leaving six Boko Haram fighters dead and 15 wounded. A Chadian soldier was also said to have been killed,

The source said that Boko Haram kidnapped many women and children as they fled Saturday’s fighting but Chadian forces had positioned around a thousand men to occupy all the islands and neutralize Boko Haram.

The source close to local authorities said that, following a request from the central government about two weeks ago, an operation was launched to evacuate the islands and that about 90 percent of residents had been moved to the mainland since.

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