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Monday, 29 June 2015

How to install play store on MiUi?(easiest method)

Many times we get bored by using the same user interface and make up our minds to switch onto some other Rom(s), like MiUi, Vibe, Cyanogen etc.
But recently when I switched onto Miui, I found that there was no Google Playstore, play services and other Google apps Pre-installed in it.
Also there was no separate Gapps.zip file that could be flashed. But there was a MiMarket app pre-installed instead where user have to create an user account to access the store plus found out the languages here and there were Chinese. As we know that all the other apps too needs play services to be installed to work,
so I found a way to install Google Playstore and all the other apps using the Google installer Apk.

It is the easiest and also the safest method out there because in the case of flashing Gapps.zip(if any)becomes more difficult if it crashes or turns up not responding, as flashing turns the apps (inside the zip file) to be the system app so for the non-rooted Rom it becomes difficult to remove all those system apps.

So this method is absolutely safe, So lets start the easiest steps.

Step 1:- Download and install the Google installer.apk (link is down below the post).

Step 2:- Make sure that you are connected to internet.

Step 3:- Open up the app and start downloading the play store from it.

Step 4:- It will first install the Google play services and then automatically install the Play Store.apk.

Step 5(optional):- If you need all your synced Google contacts then you can install the Contacts.apk also from the Google installer and wait till it syncs.

That's it! may it helped you with what you were searching for.
If not or have problems comment it down below will help you out.

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